Melinda Gutermuth


Sang with us from September 2012 – December 2016

Melinda was born in Boston and grew up further along the North Shore in Hampton, NH. After going to college in both New York City and Burlington, VT, she spent 4 years in her home city learning the ins and outs of a cappella with Collective Measures. While she plays several musical instruments, her prior singing experience was limited to church choir and a chorus at a college she didn’t attend, so she’s really glad she joined before the group started holding more formal auditions! Outside of singing, Melinda spends her time playing video and board games, going on spontaneous road trips, and hanging out with her dog.

During her last year in the group, Melinda served as General Manager until relocating to San Francisco, CA.

Solo Folio

Renegade Medley

Come On Eileen

Gimme Sympathy